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Two years ago, Thomas became a member of our USG Professionals network. A few courses and a networking evening later, he went to work for the first time via USG Professionals, and successfully! Thomas had already linked five projects together and quickly became a real expert in his profession, with a pile of experience and knowledge.

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‘Sustainable and personal growth is central to USG Professionals. Thanks to a wide range of training courses and the development of expertise in attractive projects, I can always challenge myself to pursue my career goals as a consultant.’

Kai Chun Wong
IT Young Talent

‘I’m looking for a lot of innovation, hence my choice to work as a consultant at USG Professionals. Multiple short-term projects, lots of new people… Ideal for building a network.’


Janice Thyssens
Finance Expert

‘The strength of USG Professionals lies in its network and customer-oriented approach. This creates unique and challenging customer questions that are solved by a well-composed USG team.’

Gino Quenis
Freelance Engineering Expert

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