Engineering talent accelerator

As a USG Professionals Engineering expert, you can accelerate your talent through the succession of different projects at top companies. This will strengthen your network and keep you up to date with the latest technological developments.

  • Building

    As a structural engineer, you can handle optimisation and follow-up of various construction processes for both contractors and future owners.

  • Facility

    Use your facilities knowledge within top companies to coordinate, optimise processes, and provide advice in line with the business objective.

  • Production

    As a production engineer, you embrace the challenge of optimising production processes and/or installations at leading organisations.

  • Design

    As a design engineer, you will provide solutions and designs to solve complex issues within various sectors.

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‘Thanks to the Masterclass, I felt like a part of USG Professionals from the very beginning. Thanks to the freedom and dynamism at project level, I am able to gain different experiences and knowledge very quickly.’

Tom Van den Nieuwenhuizen
Engineering Young Talent

‘USG Professionals will help you plan out your entire career. My first project in the nuclear sector was immediately what I was looking for. I knew immediately that I had made the right choice.

Pieter-Jan Dullers
Engineering Expert

‘The strength of USG Professionals lies in its network and customer-oriented approach. This creates unique and challenging customer questions that are solved by a well-composed USG team.’

Gino Quenis
Freelance Engineering Expert
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