Finance talent accelerator

As a USG Professionals Fin expert, you can accelerate your talent through the succession of different projects at top companies. This will strengthen your network and keep you up to date with the latest technological developments.

  • Business or Financial Analyst

    Analyse a company’s financial and commercial situation and use this to provide advice to internal or external clients.

  • Business or Financial Controller

    As the link between the business and finance department, you keep a finger on the financial pulse of your company, using statistics, figures, trends and developments.

  • CFO

    Find a temporary or permanent position as Chief Financial Officer via USG Professionals, taking financial responsibility for a company that suits you.

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They chose USG Professionals 

Discover the success stories of your future colleagues

‘During the boot camp, we attended useful training courses with the aim of preparing us for our first project as a consultant. Hand in hand with fun, relaxation and great colleagues… Few entry-level workers will experience a first working week like at USG Professionals!

Berend Van Den Broeck
Finance Young Talent

‘I’m looking for a lot of innovation, hence my choice to work as a consultant at USG Professionals. Multiple short-term projects, lots of new people… Ideal for building a network.’


Janice Thyssens
Finance Expert

‘Through my experience as an independent account manager at a medium-sized accounting firm, USG Professionals has given me the opportunity to broaden and share my experience.’  

Erwin Dewulf
Freelance Finance Expert
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