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As a freelancer at USG Professionals, we will find the right dynamic companies to match your ambitions and talents in your field of expertise.  In this way, you can always use your expertise in a targeted manner.

Training courses and programmes

Want to share your expertise? Become a trainer at USG Professionals! All our courses are shown in real-time at courses and events. No experience as a trainer? At USG Professionals you build up your credit every quarter, which you can then use to develop yourself as a trainer.  

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Get access to the 6 fields of expertise of the USG Professionals network! Use the credits you earn each quarter at USG Professionals to attend one of our networking evenings free of charge. You can even invite someone from your own network by donating a credit. Expand your horizons and hone your skills 

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‘I have been working as a freelance consultant for USG Professionals since March 2016. My questions are logged and answered on time, the admin runs smoothly and my invoices are always paid very punctually.’

Serge Huybrechts
Freelance IT Expert

‘The strength of USG Professionals lies in its network and customer-oriented approach. This creates unique and challenging customer questions that are solved by a well-composed USG team.’

Gino Quenis
Freelance Engineering Expert

‘Through my experience as an independent account manager at a medium-sized accounting firm, USG Professionals has given me the opportunity to broaden and share my experience.’  

Erwin Dewulf
Freelance Finance Expert

Frequently Asked Questions about freelancing at USG Professionals

What kind of jobs can I expect?

USG Professionals offers jobs in six specialised fields: Engineering, Science, IT, HR, Legal and Finance. These jobs can vary in terms of duration (on average, 3 months to 1 year), and in terms of job type: full-time or part-time. The need for a freelancer can be part of a project, for example, the implementation of a new system, the replacement of a long-term absent employee, a temporary extra workload, pending permanent recruitment, etc. Our freelancer jobs are aimed at both mid-career professionals and C-level professionals.

Which customers does USG Professionals work with?

USG Professionals works with a wide range of customers: from local SMEs to large multinational companies. Every financially sound customer can submit a request to USG Professionals and will be provided with tailored service.

In which sectors is USG Professionals active?

By definition, USG Professionals serves all sectors. Over the years, however, it has become clear that strength and volume at USG Professionals are concentrated in the following sectors: Pharma, Public, Banking & Insurance and SMEs.

What is the average payment term for invoices?

The average payment term of invoices for freelancers is 30 days after the invoice date. 

Are networking events or workshops organised?

USG Professionals organises regular training courses, workshops and networking events within the six specialised fields: Engineering, Science, IT, Finance, Legal and HR.

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