A permanent position
at USG Professionals
Choose dynamic projects and real fun!

Find the project that really suits you and accelerate your talent at USG Professionals!

Jobs at top clients

At USG Professionals, we will find you projects at dynamic companies to match your ambitions and talents
in your field of expertise. In this way you can quickly become a real expert!

Training courses and programmes

Choose for yourself how you wish to use your annual training budget! Via our courses and events you will always have access to our real-time offerings. This will allow you to control how you accelerate your career and broaden your network.

A network of 50,000 experts

You get access to the USG Professionals network. Meet other experts from the six different fields of expertise, push your limits and hone your skills.


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Permanent staff on USG Professionals

Discover the success stories of your future colleagues

‘I get the opportunity to carry out challenging energy projects with international players. There is also room at USG Professionals for meetings, discussions, training courses and fun events.’

Tom Van den Brande
Engineering Expert

‘For 12 years now, USG Professionals has been giving me the opportunity to get to know different sectors at my own pace and in a friendly, yet professional atmosphere.’

Tom Geukens
ICT  Expert

‘It’s nice to be able to work in the market with one of the main players. You can go job hopping without actually changing employers, and what’s more, you can build a valuable profile along the way.’

Syrche De Schepper
Legal Expert

Become a USG Expert

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a USG expert at USG Professionals

What exactly is a USG Professionals expert?

As an expert or project consultant at USG Professionals, you will combine the best of two worlds: the certainty of a fixed contract with the variety of project-based work. Through various projects at top companies you will get to develop your knowledge while always being able to rely on our network of fellow experts and USG Professionals as your employer.

What will USG Professionals do for me?

We will look for suitable projects for you that match your expertise and help you further develop your skills. In this way, we can help you guide and accelerate your career!

Is everyone eligible?

No. We want to be honest about this. Our project consultants need to have a specific DNA. Besides your expertise – which we would like to help you develop further – you must be the kind of person who wants to invest in their own career. You want to continue to learn and grow, are flexible, and want to let us as your employer help you develop your career. After all, together it is our mission to offer our customers an optimal service. Everybody wins!

I’m interested! Where can I sign up?

Apply directly via this link. Our consultants will contact you within 24 hours.

Contact USG Professionals 

Our HR Business Partners are happy to help you with any questions you may have about a particular job or if you want to apply for one now.

Saskia Paeshuyse

Peggy Buys

Jihane Hajjaji

Human Resources
Julie Vanderlinden

Céline Chomé

Svea Van Rossem

As an expert, you will be working for top companies!

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