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USG Professionals connects your ambitions with the challenges offered by companies. Connect different experiences and broaden your expertise through a variety of projects. This way you can take your career into your own hands, while strengthening both yourself and companies!

Training Courses and Masterclasses

At USG Professionals, your talent is given the opportunity to develop further. Start with a 5-day boot camp site full of training and education. This will be followed with your first project at a top company. You will also be given a chance to keep your knowledge up to date through annual training courses

A comprehensive total package

Get access to the USG Professionals network and courses, take advantage of our guidance & support, drive from project to project in your own company car (BMW1), and enjoy a competitive salary. As a USG Professionals expert, you will swiftly gain experience at various top companies within your field of expertise.

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Young Talents on USG Professionals

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‘During the boot camp week, we pursued lots of fun courses such as time and project management, conversation techniques, etc. All with the aim of preparing us for our first project as a consultant. In short, few entry-level workers will experience a first working week quite like ours. Valuable courses coupled with plenty of fun and relaxation in the company of great colleagues… The 2017 Masterclass definitely hit the spot!’

Berend Van Den Broeck
Finance Young Talent

‘Time flies when you’re having fun, and that's exactly what happened during the Masterclass. I’ve learned so many important things. How can we manage time? How can I make the right decisions? What does my personality say about me? I’ve been thoroughly prepared for this new chapter in my life, and feel more than ready to start my career as a consultant at USG Professionals!’

Laura Bossuyt
Science Young Talent

After two and a half months of service, USG gave me the opportunity to attend the famous week-long #masterclass2017 with other recent graduates (or those with only a small amount of work experience). It was packed with interesting training courses and team building activities that stay with you forever.’


Kai Chun Wong
IT Young Talent

Frequently Asked Questions about new graduates

What is the Masterclass?

The USG Professionals Masterclass is the perfect way to kick-start your career. For a week you will be immersed in a pool of knowledge through numerous training courses and workshops, our own experts will gladly share their experiences with you and all this together with a group of fellow enthusiasts. Various fun group activities will of course also be included. In short, we’ll take you on an intensive journey of discovery at an inspiring location, which will both captivate and challenge you!

Which courses are provided?

We will provide you with a mix of theory, practical tips and insight into your own personality and how to operate as a professional in teams and organisations. This could take the form, for example, of a course in practical project management and time management, but could also involve more immediately applicable skills such as presentation techniques and job application training. We also like to stimulate our students with various body & mind activities.

What happens after the Masterclass?

After this week you will be ready for the real work. We look for a suitable project for you with one of our customers where you can test your experience in practice. Under the supervision of a personal coach, we will build on your professional development through the combination of project experience and regular training courses.

I know someone who wants to participate in the Masterclass. Can they also register?

Of course! Sign up directly via this link. After a thorough selection procedure, we hope to welcome you or your friends to our next edition. 

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